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You might be thinking that the title is odd becausenowadays, virtual commitments are meant to be known as foolish given that you are a stranger to somebody else and your ‘bad’intentions. You and I have heard many issues about this international or local.Whatever it is, not all people have bad intentions in mind as you think. Hence, they also look for friendship miles away. Mine is a kind of rare one so, let me share to you my virtual friend who lives in Camarines Sur, 379.5 kilometers away from Manila.

December 2013

I was scrolling on my Facebook account when I suddenly hit an account named DIANA ROSE DIZON. I had two mutual friends with her including my nun-friend and her cousin so I clicked the ‘Add Friend’ button and went back to my page. Meanwhile, I decided to view her cousin’s Facebook profile and it led me to some tagged photos and whoa, it was so impressing that she was a church violinist! I admired her (don’t put any malice) because she is talented and I presumed she’s on the higher level of violin while I’m still in beginners. After a few while, Diana accepted my friend request and started stalking her account on that day. That day only, okay? So, as I scrolled through her page, my admiration was added. She joined several school contests. No questions or doubts, she was beautiful and humility was in her soul.

Few days later, she sent me a message which made me shocked. I am not aware of her stalking or viewing my account also (cause I’m a stranger, haha!) it began with a hi, followed by introduction of ourselves and ended to the ‘Seen’ part which everyone hated. I wonder why Mark Zuckerberg made an idea of putting ‘Seen’ on the conversation box. LOL. Back to the story, we commuted for months but the conversation is not always. We’re both on our senior years (high school) and been busy.

It seemed odd to me because I am communicating with someone I didn’t know kilometers away from me and barely even knew her. I didn’t know if I was to call this a ‘friendship’, but mom said as long as you’re both interested to each other, there’s nothing wrong it but be cautious. So, I let it slipped through the busy months and a little hello in every Facebook chats. I also got to introduce her to my bestfriend, Cristina who also wants to be friends with this amazing soul.

Summer, 2014

We’re now fresh graduates of our respective schools and was preparing for college. I was set to AdMU, while she’s on AdNU. She took up Electronics Engineering while mine was Psychology. The communication was still on, Cristina there even bugging me to visit her (since Cristina was also set to AdNU but then transferred to DLSU-Manila). We both planned to have the surprise visit, but our doubts hindered it. What if she didn’t liked it? What if she didn’t like us too? These are the questions circled through our minds so we decided to cancel it. Such a waste of opportunity, I thought.

Academic Year 2014-2015

Our friendship online is still there. I can’t believe how it worked, the rare text messages sent, small hellos and how are yous on Facebook chat, everything. We both longed or looked forward rather in meeting each other. How I wished I could have hugged her even for awhile and tell her how blessed I am to have her as my friend online.

Throughout the two years of our shared friendship in the depths of virtual communications, long distance is not a hindrance to communicate. You just have to understand both sides and look at the positive side of it. In this case, if you’re only interested. I know there were also questions and doubts on the other party, but nevertheless, as long as you like something, there’s always a way to find. No excuses.

To D, I am so thankful and blessed to have you as my friend. I can’t still call you as my bestfriend, ( I don’t know! HAHA! I’m such a feeler!) but anyway, thank you for everything, for keeping me inspired of striving hard more (your positive advices when I rant to you, actually). I hope on my next blog featuring you, I can show to my readers that I have a picture taken with you. But for now, let’s keep our friendship steady although the lines are not always online. Me and Cristina love you to the moon and back here on Earth. And I pray for you always.

P.S. Cristina’s with you always.


Kai/Diday ❤



Dear stranger.

I am writing this to you because i want you to know that I love you so much, not romantically, but as my blog stalker. Okay, brush that off. I want to open my insights in this medium. I am new to blogging and my grammar is clearly not constructed well so I apologize if you see mistakes written in this blog…and I am open for corrections. Just type your comments below. So, welcome stalker. I know you’re currently stalking my blog. But don’t worry, my mom does too! Haha!

Looking back, I used tumblr for reblogging relatable posts. Little did I know I can make this platform as my blog without any hassle since this is the only blog site I can handle easily. Recently, I’ve constructed several websites because I also want to create like those of professional bloggers, radio personalities or popular people’s blogs given that I am a newbie. I explored, felt frustrated because I didn’t know how to make my own codes for my theme, so what I did is I just installed some free themes. So, be patient of my blog for awhile.

This is also my personal space. I write here depending on my mood. Hihi. so this is not some sort of a  ”blog” just like what others did. (hey, lucky of you I share my insights and some secrets here!) I know my mom also stalk my blog as I have mentioned above.It’s still boring, but I’ll get back to you once I learn how to create my own codes to make my blog more attractive!